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Welcome to another incredible Shipping Container product brought to you by Fabrication and Site Services UK.

Our “Isoriser” stacking pin is designed for safe stacking shipping containers on top of each other. The shipping container “Isoriser” stacking pin features a simple drop into place steel section with 90mm spacer. This allows you to double stack and not impeded the doors is you put a walkway or stair access to the upper levels.

Although shipping containers are designed to be stacked it is necessary to lock them together with the shipping container Stacking Pins on sites where there may be susceptible to movement such as in high winds or self- storage sites where public access is always busy.

Many building site will require shipping containers to be stacked using shipping container “isoriser”.

Often a construction site will us shipping containers for offices and temporary storage and to prevent the units being pushed off or nocked by accident, “Isoriser” will be used.

Shipping Container “Isoriser” is actually fast coming an HSE requirement safety at all times matters.

It is now strongly advised across the industry that all Shipping containers are secured when stacking with “Isoriser” pins to ensure there is no danger of the container being moved in the event of very high or unexpected winds.

The design is simple its 270 mm long made of heavy steel section can be supplied painted any colour or in bare metal for welding on sites. 2 side blocks as shown in image raise the top container by 90mm. Designed to fit into the corner castings of upper and lower shipping containers easy to fit and simplistic in design. But a proven history has meant this product is now widely adopted by hundreds of self-storage facilities.